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Guide: How to move or delete apps | iOS 9


Moving icons around on your screen is easy, as is deleting any apps that you no longer use.

Hold your finger on one of the apps for a couple of seconds and all the icons will begin shaking. You can now drag and rearrange them.

Press and hold an icon until it shakes

To move an app to a different page, drag to the edge of the screen and wait a few seconds until it moves across.

The little ‘X‘ icon in the corner of downloaded apps allows you to delete them and free up space for new ones. If you change your mind, these can be easily reinstalled from the App Store. To stop the apps shaking, press the Home button.

Check app size and delete

If your phone is low on storage, it’s worth knowing what’s taking up all the space. To find out, open the Settings app, select General and then Storage & iCloud Usage. Then select Manage Usage under the Storage heading.

This shows all your apps and their size in descending order. Tap on Show all Apps to reveal the whole list. You can also delete apps from this screen – select the app name followed by Delete App to remove.

Tap an app followed by Delete App to remove it