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How to open Spotify playlists in Apple Music, and vice versa

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Whether you’re team Apple Music, team Spotify, or team Some Other App, you likely have friends and family who use a different streaming service than you. This can make it difficult to share music with each other, which is a bummer if you put a lot of effort into custom playlists.

Luckily, an app called MusicMatch ($2/£2) neatly solves this very specific problem. It allows users to open links from one music app in another, automatically porting playlists across to your preferred service. It supports nearly all the key apps you might need: Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Deezer, and Tidal.


Paste to play

To use it, install the app and you’ll be asked which streaming service you use. Then, all you have to do is copy and paste a music link from any of the supported services into the app. Long-press a link in any app and tap copy. Then open MusicMatch and tap the paste link here area, followed by paste. It will automatically read the contents of the playlist and build you a matching one for your preferred music app. Tap the Open button to view it!

MusicMatch also allows you to create universal links for sharing with friends. That means you can share the same URL with everyone, and when they press it, it will open in their preferred app. Simply paste in a playlist link as above and press the Share Universal Link button.

There’s even a Safari extension which means you can tap music links you find online and be taken instantly to your preferred app. No need to manually copy and paste or even open MusicMatch at all! To use this, press Enable Safari Extension within the app and follow the instructions. You can then convert playlists directly from the Share sheet when you find them online.

Moving services?

One final recommendation: although MusicMatch is great for sharing individual playlists across services, it’s not so great if you’re moving to another service yourself. If you’re making the switch from Spotify to Apple Music, or Deezer to Tidal, or any other combination, try using SongShift to port all your existing playlists between services. After granting access to both accounts, SongShift can recreate your music library in the new app, saving a lot of time and effort.