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New features in iOS 10: Photos | iOS 10 iPad Guide

The Photos app in iOS 10 is a lot more intuitive thanks to facial and object recognition and some advanced machine learning technology, or as Apple calls it “Siri intelligence” – here’s what’s new:

“Advanced computer vision”

This is new technology that analyzes photos using on-board processors. Apple claims the iPhone performs over 11 billion computations per photo in order to pick out people, objects, animals and other elements.

This means within the Photos app users can search for something like “Cake” and the search will return any images found of cake.


The Photos app has a new tab that is filled with pre-populated collections of Photos. These might encapsulate photos around a date, or a place, or other connections. The result is a photo/video montage that makes use of Live Photos too, so the combination of short video clips is a nice touch.

Music accompanies the Memories video, and you can choose what kind of tone you want by starting the montage, then tapping on the video to bring up more options.