This is the first year that Apple has created an operating system specifically for iPad. Previously, iOS was the same on the phone as it was on the tablet, but the introduction of iPadOS means the iPad is finally getting some exclusive power features.

That said, iPadOS 13 remains the same as iOS 13 in almost every regard, so you won’t need to learn too many new tricks.

Apple has changed a bunch of stuff this year, and of course we’ve revised many of our tips to accommodate the changes. But in addition to those small differences, some powerful new features have been added that you won’t want to miss.

To save you flipping through this entire guide wondering what’s new, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of the most notable new features of iPadOS 13. You can tap any of the red links for more details.

Dark Mode

After years of waiting, one of the most-asked for features of iOS is finally here! Dark Mode allows users to switch up the main color palette of the device, swapping out white menus and backgrounds for black ones that are easier on the eyes in low light environments.

Memoji Stickers

Apple’s customizable 3D avatars that track along with your face are pretty cool, but this year they’ve gotten a further boost – now you can use your own face as the basis for a set of emoji-like stickers in Messages.

Look Around You

Apple Maps gets an awesome new feature this year, taking the basic concept of Google’s Street View and dialing it up a notch. Look Around allows users to get up close and personal with select cities, exploring an interactive high-definition simulation as if they were really there.

Improved Editing

The Photos app has always had decent editing tools, but this year they’ve had a complete revamp and offer even more ways to tweak your images. Plus, every photo editing feature is now compatible with videos, too!

iPad Exclusives

This year sees plenty of advanced multitasking tricks like the addition of an App Switcher to the SlideOver view, and the ability to run two versions of the same app at once – like two pages in Safari, or two different Notes.

If you have a Mac running OS X Catalina, you can try out a new feature called Sidecar which turns your iPad into a second screen or a touch-based input device for your Mac.

What else? Well, There’s a fancy new set of annotation tools for use with Apple Pencil, you can now pin widgets to the Home Screen, something users have wanting for some time. You can even detach the virtual keyboard from the dock and place a smaller version anywhere you like on screen.

Anything else?

The four features above are arguably the biggest changes for the average user, but plenty more has changed too.

Safari is now much more capable, offering a download manager and a way to tweak settings for specific websites.

The long-neglected Reminders app has had a massive redesign, including some powerful features.

Photos didn’t just add those editing features – it added an entirely new layout that focuses on sorting your images into Days, Months, and Years.

Apple’s Find My iPad and Find My Friends apps have been combined into a single app called Find My.

A series of new gestures make it simpler to copy and paste, undo and redo, and even place the text cursor when typing.

Not only can you now connect an external storage device to iPadOS, but you can use a mouse or trackpad too.

That’s certainly not all, but that should be enough to get you started. iPads aren’t cheap, so if you’ve made the effort to buy one and update to iPadOS 13, ensure you make the most of everything it has to offer!