If you’ve recently updated to iOS 14, you’ll want to know what’s changed since last year.

Apple has changed a bunch of stuff since last year, and we’ve revised many of our tips to accommodate the changes. But in addition to those small differences, some powerful new features have been added that you won’t want to miss.

To save you flipping through this entire guide wondering what’s new, we’ve compiled a quick rundown of our favorite new features of iOS 14. You can tap any of the links to read the associated tip in full.

App Library – where your apps call home

Got a lot of apps? App Library makes it easy to find what you’re looking for, automatically organizing everything on your device into sensible groups. You can even hide apps you rarely use here to free your Home Screen from clutter. Read full tip

Widgets – customizing the widget view

Widgets are better than ever in iOS 14. They now come in multiple sizes and can even be docked onto your Home Screen! Read full tip

Translate app – instantly converse in a new language

This all-new app makes it easier than ever to conduct conversations across two languages. You can translate both text and speech, and it all works remarkably quickly. Read full tip

Picture in Picture – multitasking with video overlays

iOS 14 lets you continue watching videos and making FaceTime calls while you go about other business on your iPhone, using a Picture in Picture (PIP) overlay. Read full tip

Sleep Mode – master your bedtime habits

Sleep Mode – formerly Bedtime – is better than ever, helping you hit healthy sleep goals and even relax at the end of the day with Wind Down mode. Read full tip

Pinned conversations – easy access to your VIP chats

It’s now possible to pin up to nine key conversations to the top of the Messages app, making them easier to access in a snap. Read full tip

Group messages – how to chat in a group

Speaking of Messages, group chats have been improved significantly. They look better and include features like inline replies and mentions. Read full tip

City guides – find the best sights and hotspots

This will come in handy next time you take a vacation. Maps now includes comprehensive city guides from the likes of Lonely Planet, Zagat, and AllTrails. Read full tip

Anything else?

The features above are arguably the biggest updates for the average user, but plenty more has changed too. You’ll find new and refreshed content peppered all through this guide.

For example: iOS 14 also brings several changes to protect your privacy, improvements to the Camera app, a streamlined redesign for Siri, and new environmental capabilities in Maps.

All that and plenty more to enjoy in iOS 14 – you’ll just have to keep reading to discover it all!