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New Year’s Resolutions: 5 apps to help you stick to them

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‘Tis the season to be jolly. But such jollity is invariably followed by regret, self-disgust, and half-hearted promises to do better next year.

Yes, those New Year’s resolutions typically end in failure. That’s why we’ve assembled the following list of apps to help you become fitter, happier, and more productive in 2019.

Get fit with SoSweat: Home Fitness Coach

By far the most popular New Year’s resolution, we suspect, will be to get fit. It makes sense given the inevitable eating and drinking excesses of the Christmas period.

SoSweat is a slick, feature-rich fitness app that will help you formulate and stick to a home fitness regime. It offers accessible workouts without the need for any specialist equipment.

Stick to your resolutions with Streaks

We’re going to get meta for a second and recommend an app that will help you meet all of your resolutions. Streaks is a “habit-forming to-do list” that proves to be way more focused than your average task scheduling app.

It invites you to add a handful of tasks that you want to turn into positive habits, such as daily exercise, not smoking, or meditating. It then encourages you to ‘close the ring’ with a tactile and visually rewarding completion system.

Sleep better with Pillow

For many of us, it feels like all we need to do to be in a better physical and emotional state is get a decent night’s sleep. Good luck achieving that with all of the distractions out there.

Pillow tracks sleep quality in great detail. In the morning you’ll get a breakdown of periods of waking, REM, light sleep, and deep sleep using a color graphic. It’s best used in conjunction with the Apple Watch, though that’s not essential.

Be more mindful with Headspace

For an increasing number of us, our emotional state is in way more need of attention than our physical well-being. Practicing mindfulness, or meditation, is one of the most effective ways to improve your ability to face the day’s challenges.

Headspace is arguably the finest app for achieving this on the App Store. It’s a guided meditation app co-founded by a former Tibetan Buddhist monk, and it’ll give you an intuitive and tailored series of exercises to help get you centered.

Shape up with MyFitnessPal

While all of the above will help you to get in shape, sometimes you just need to lose that Christmas weight as efficiently as possible. MyFitnessPal is a great way to monitor calorie intake and lose those pounds.

It’s got access to a massive database of more than six million foods, which helps you to count those calories a lot easier. It’ll also help you to choose a personalized weight loss goal based on your own lifestyle and personal stats, which should minimize suffering.