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Night owl? Top tips for using your device at night

We know it’s a bad habit, but we just can’t stop staring at our screens before bed. Apple added some great sleep tracking features in iOS 14, but there are plenty more night-friendly features you may have missed.

Here, then, are four essential tips for after-hours iPhone or iPad use.

1. Charge all night long

Many people avoid charging their devices overnight for fear of wearing out the battery by “overcharging.” Years ago this was a valid concern, but battery technology has improved a lot since then. Apple devices are smart enough to prevent this phenomenon, automatically switching to energy-saving “trickle charging” at 100%. So, feel free to charge all through the night. It won’t wreck your battery, it won’t cost you a fortune in wasted electricity, and you’ll have a fully charged device each morning!

2. Night shift mode

It’s well-known that staring at the bright blue-white glow of a screen late at night isn’t exactly ideal for your health. Lucky, then, that iOS can automatically adjust the display brightness and colors to a gentler, warmer hue at night-time. Minimal brightness and yellowish tones are thought to help users get a better night’s sleep. You can program this feature to automatically activate between certain times from SettingsDisplay & Brightness Night Shift Scheduled.

3. Sleep timer for music

Plenty of people like drifting off to music or a good podcast, but don’t want it to continue playing all night long. Luckily, there’s a sneaky way to set a timer that will automatically stop any audio when it goes off. It’s easily set up from ClockTimer When Timer EndsStop Playing. Hit Start and play your favorite audio from any app you want – it’ll shut itself off as soon as the timer ends. Just remember to change this setting next time you want a regular timer, or you won’t hear the alarm!

4. VIPs only, please

Here’s the conundrum: you don’t want to be woken up by phone calls, text tones, and notification alerts throughout the night – but you’re scared to put your device on silent mode in case an emergency call comes in. There’s a solution! Set Do Not Disturb to automatically activate each night from SettingsDo Not Disturb Scheduled. While active, that will silence all incoming calls and alert. Then scroll down to Allow Calls From and choose Favorites. (You can choose your faves from PhoneFavorites.) The most important people in your life will still be able to get through, but everything else will leave you alone.