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Opener – save time, open links in apps

It might be 2023, but links on iOS still frequently appear in a web view rather than in their native app. Fortunately, a $2/£2 app called Opener allows users to direct links toward compatible apps of their choice, allowing you to banish those interim web views forever and get straight down to business. Better still, the app couldn’t be easier to configure.


After downloading and installing Opener on your device, launch it and follow the app’s simple set-up instructions. This mainly involves adding Opener’s action extension to your device’s list of actions. Our advice would be to position this extension near the top of the list, because you’ll be using it a lot.

From here, any link you encounter on your device can be directed to an app of your choice using Opener’s action extension.

You can open links from the clipboard, too.

It’s also possible to copy a URL on your iPhone or iPad, launch Opener, and choose an app to launch the link from there. Here are a handful of scenarios where Opener can really help.

Open Twitter links in your client of choice

If you come across a link to a tweet online, use Opener’s extension to view that tweet in the Twitter client of your choice. You might prefer to the official Twitter app, or a third-party alternative like Tweetbot or Twitterrific.

Browse Reddit links in Apollo

Apollo is the much-loved Reddit client used by so many iPhone and iPad owners. With Opener, you can browse Reddit links in Apollo itself, rather than at the Reddit website or in its official iOS app (if you have it installed).

Opener will help you choose the best app.

Open links in Chrome, Firefox, or Edge

For folks who use a third-party Web browser on their iPhone or iPad, Opener can easily direct links to the likes of Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, instead of the default Safari browser.

Send Instagram links to the Instagram app

Instagram offers a clunky Web view that opens when you tap on an Instagram link online. Opener can manually open that link in the Instagram app, allowing you to like and comment to your heart’s content.

Opener’s action extension.

Browse in retailers’ native iOS apps

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that links from retailers or storefronts – like Amazon and eBay – can be sent over to their native iOS apps, making for easier browsing and purchasing.

Currently, Opener supports more than 280 apps, with more being added all the time. It’s a smart piece of iOS and iPadOS software that’s well-worth the download fee.