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Pixelmator Photo – fix your pics with machine learning

Pixelmator Photo is one of the best iOS photo editors out there, and ML Enhance is arguably its best feature. With it, photographers can use their iPhone or iPad to make impressive and effective edits to their photos with the tap of a single button.

What is it?

You can think of ML Enhance as an automatic editing tool. When activated, Pixelmator Photo automatically adjusts and improves your picture.

But in reality, there’s nothing simple about ML Enhance. Under the hood, the feature makes a wide range of adjustments, altering as many as 37 different areas (like white balance, exposure, and individual color ranges) to make your photograph look as impressive as possible. To do this, Pixelmator Photo’s ML Enhance takes advantage of machine learning, based on the analysis of millions of professional photos.

How to use it

To use ML Enhance on an image, you’ll first need to import that image into Pixelmator Photo. You can either do this in the app by choosing an image from the Camera Roll or the Files app, or you can use the Share menu to send a photograph direct from the Photos app into Pixelmator Photo.

The original image in Pixelmator Photo.

Once you’ve got your image, the rest is simple. In the top-right corner of the screen are a set of icons, and the left-most icon – which looks like a magic wand and features the letters “ML” – is the ML Enhance button. Tap it, and Pixelmator Photo will get to work.

The enhanced image.


While the results are usually great, ML Enhance can sometimes make edits that you aren’t pleased with. In the left-hand corner of the app is a Revert button that can switch the photograph back to the original.

Or, if you’re familiar with photo-editing apps like Pixelmator Photo, you can also fine-tune the image yourself.

When edits aren’t quite right, you can revert them.

To do so, tap the edit button in the right-hand corner of the app – it looks like three horizontal meters. This reveals an editing side pane where settings including temperature, saturation, brightness, and contrast can all be tweaked. Plus, running along the bottom of the screen are a range of filters that you can apply to your picture, regardless of whether it’s been ML Enhanced or not.

Or you can fine-tune the photograph yourself.

Pixelmator Photo – which includes the ML Enhance feature – is available as a free download, with a subscription fee. It’s a great mobile photo editor that will work wonders for both professional photographers and amateurs alike.