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How to record Time-Lapse video on the iPhone

Sometimes you just want to sit there and watch the world go by. Sadly, we don’t always have time for that. However, thanks to iOS 8’s Time-Lapse function, you don’t have to! You can now capture mesmerizing videos and watch them in a flash. View our YouTube video on Time-Lapse below to see how it’s done, or follow the guide below.

So what is a time-lapse? In contrast to slow-motion video, time-lapse videos capture frames at a reduced rate. When played back, the result is a video that appears sped-up. The Time-Lapse feature is built into the standard Camera app on the iPhone 5s and higher –as long as it’s running iOS 8.

Let’s give it a try – first, we need something to shoot. If you live in a city, striking monuments with a lot of passers by will make for a good view. Often, it’s best to make sure you have something to rest the iPhone on to prevent shaking. If you have an iPhone tripod then that’s even better.

To start recording, open the Camera app then swipe sideways until the text at the display reads ‘Time- Lapse’. Then, simply hit the red button to start rolling. You can still tap the screen to change focus, and pinch to zoom.

Around the edge of the button during recording, you’ll notice a circle being drawn around the outside. This helps you time how long you’ve recorded for, and how many frames have been taken (though it’s still hard to keep track). Be prepared to record for a long time, as the videos tend to play from start to finish lightning quick. After recording, the time-lapse video will be available to view in the Photos app, so it’ll be fairly easy to find.

So, with an iPhone, a good location and a little bit of patience, you can make an awe-inspiring time-lapse like the best of them.