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How to Save Your iPhone Battery Life from Draining [VIDEO]

Tired of poor battery life and being stuck near the wall as your charge your iPhone? You’re not alone. This has become a fairly common complaint with the iPhone 5s and with recent iOS updates, but don’t worry! We’ve got a series of tips and suggestions to help you increase the time between charges, using Control Center and the Settings app! Learn how to reduce brightness, manage connections, turn off mail push, reduce location access, close apps and keep your iPhone at the right temperature to make sure you’re not making a run to the wall-socket any time soon.

If you have any questions about your iPhone or iPad, or want to know how to do something else, just leave a comment below the video!

Thanks for watching our iPhone battery saving tips, we hope they were useful and you’re also sitting there like us, with a full battery, laughing at how much power our devices hold. If you found that our tips totally worked, then you should see what else we can help with and subscribe to TapSmart

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