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One of the most interesting things Apple announced at WWDC this week was its upcoming Screen Time app, designed to help users track their device usage. Alongside tools for limiting time spent in certain apps, Apple hopes this feature will help users cut down on device overuse and combat “app addiction.”

These features also include some really great ways to limit and monitor your kids’ device usage, and is a decent response to the shareholders asking for improved parental controls in iOS.

Screen Time looks like a really useful app, and though it won’t be available to the public until iOS 12 is released this Fall, 9to5Mac has taken an in-depth look at how the features work in a preview special. If you’re curious about Screen Time, we highly recommend giving it a read.

How to track usage now

If you can’t wait until iOS 12 to find out just how long you’ve spent using Instagram this week, don’t worry. There’s already a little-known feature of iOS that can tell you just that.

Open Settings and tap Battery. Under the Battery Usage heading you’ll see a list of your most-used apps, sorted in order of how much battery life they’re responsible for draining. Choose Last 7 Days (or Last 24 Hours for daily stats) and tap the clock icon on the right-hand side. This will reveal exactly how long you’ve used each app in the past week!

Not quite as much information as you’ll be privy to with Screen Time, but useful nonetheless!