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Shortcut nirvana – the best shortcuts you can download online

Creating your own shortcuts might be fun, but downloading and installing pre-made ones is even better. Online, there’s a plethora of smart and sophisticated shortcuts ready to be added to your iPhone or iPad. We’ve scoured the Web and have picked five of our most-favorite shortcuts which you can download and install right now.

First, make sure you’ve downloaded Shortcuts on your device. It’s available free of charge on the App Store.


From here, downloading and running shortcuts is simple: in each case, simply tap the download links, below, on your iPhone or iPad and in the Shortcuts app, scroll through the workflow and tap Add Untrusted Shortcut. You’ll then be able to fire the shortcut in the Shortcuts app for iOS or iPadOS.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most impressive third-party shortcuts out there.

Intelligent Power

This smart shortcut can help you out when your iPhone’s battery life is low. If your handset’s battery is running out of juice, the Intelligent Power shortcut will either put you in Low Power Mode or will put you in an enhanced “Ultra Low Power Mode” where even more settings are disabled. The type of mode chosen will depend on your battery percentage.

Intelligent Power.

In the enhanced mode, you’ll be able to reserve power for emergency phone calls at the expense of screen brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and mobile data. It’s a useful shortcut to have.

Download the Intelligent Power shortcut.

Share Wi-Fi

Got people over at your place but don’t feel comfortable reading out your private Wi-Fi password? This shortcut lets you create a QR code which other people can scan in order to connect to your home Wi-Fi. When you first run the shortcut, you’ll need to input your Wi-Fi password but from thereon in the shortcut should work a treat.

Download the Share Wi-Fi shortcut.

Running Late

If, like me, you use the Calendar app to organize appointments, meetings, and greetings, the Running Late shortcut could be a real help. When launched, it scans your Calendar app, checks how far you are from your next appointment, and populates a ready-to-send text with a message letting friends or colleagues know whether you’re running late – and if so, by how long.

Running Late.

Download the Running Late shortcut.

Water Eject

While Apple’s devices are water-resistant (if not water-proof), the iPhone can sound strange if water gets into one of its speakers – getting water out of your device can be a real chore. This shortcut, however, plays a specific tone designed to expel water from your handset’s speakers if it takes a surprise plunge. It works in a similar way to the Apple Watch’s water eject feature.

Download the Water Eject shortcut.

Spotify to Apple Music Playlist Converter

For those of you who’ve never made the jump from Spotify to Apple Music, Playlist Converter can help. This smart shortcut scans through your Spotify playlists and imports them to Apple Music, making the transition to Apple’s own streaming service a little bit easier.

Download the Playlist Converter shortcut now.