The App Drawer allows you to add extensions which can extend the use of iMessage without leaving the Messages app. This includes a wide range of functionality, from cartoony sticker packs to multiplayer games and ways to pay your friends or organize trips in a group. iMessage extensions are created by both Apple and third-party developers, and there are a lot of them!

To check them out, open up a message and slide a finger along the row of iMessage Apps to activate the App Drawer — they’ll enlarge and you’ll see names appear underneath each icon. If the App Drawer is hidden, tap the App Store icon to reveal it.

Even if you’ve never used the App Drawer, you’ll find a few installed already based on apps you own. You can scroll left to right to browse through your extensions, or tap any of the app icons along the bottom to go straight to a specific extension.

Think of these extensions like mini versions of the apps they represent. They all work differently, so play around with them!

Extensions are ordered by usage, with the most recently used ones closer to the left. If you want to use something that isn’t on the list, head all the way to the right and tap More for the full list of installed iMessage extensions.

Adding extensions

To get some new extensions, you’ll need to visit the iMessage App Store. Choose the App Store icon in the App Drawer. The iMessage App Store will then appear on screen.

The iMessage App Store is similar to the App Store for iOS apps — iMessage Apps are either free or paid, and when you download a new app it will be automatically added to the App Drawer.