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Welcome To Photos: Navigating Your Image Library | iOS 17 Guide

Every time you snap a photo or video, it’s automatically added to the Photos app. It’s easy to end up with a huge number of pictures, but luckily the app gives plenty of different ways to look through them.

Photos is separated into four key sections, represented by the tabs at the bottom of the screen: Library, For You, Albums and Search. Let’s take a quick look at each one.


Library (previously simply called Photos) is your main image browsing section, broken down chronologically into Years, Months, Days and All Photos. Tapping one of those options will display your images accordingly, making it easy to scroll through and find what you’re looking for.

Use the Years view for the wider perspective respresented, or drill down to Days for a gorgeous zoomed-in view that gives a gridded timeline of your photos, one day at a time.

For You

For You is where Photos gets personal. Here you’ll find a break down of your shared images, sharing suggestions, and curated Memories that automatically arrange photos according to special days and events like vacations and birthdays.

This is also where you’ll find Featured Photos and Effect Suggestions, which are automatically generated to save you time.


Here, you can sort your photos into collections. The default smart albums are pretty handy, too, with Recents showing your latest pictures and Favorites displaying all the photos whose heart icons you’ve tapped.

You can also filter photos according to their type, including Videos, Selfies, Live Photos, Portrait shots and more.


This is where you go if you want to track down a specific image. At the top you have a text field, and you can search by place names, people, or dates. You can even search for general terms like “cats” or “beach” and Photos will use machine learning to track relevant pictures.

Below this general field you’ll see specific shortcuts for Moments (concerts, dining etc.), People, Places and other Categories.