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FaceTime: Apple’s Video Calling Platform | iOS 17 Guide

FaceTime is a free service provided by Apple that enables users to conduct calls with other iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac users.

Though the service is most knows for its video calls, you can make audio-only calls too. Unlike a phone call, these are connected over the internet instead of via your cell network, which can sometimes be preferable.

When you open FaceTime, you’ll see a list of recent calls – if you have any. Tap any of them to redial that person, or tap the New FaceTime icon in the top right to start a new call. You’ll be prompted to choose the recipient(s) from your contacts. You can then tap the FaceTime button to launch into a video call or tap the smaller phone icon to the left for an audio call.

Once you’re on a call, there are a number of buttons available to you. (If you can’t see any buttons, tap once on the screen to make them appear.)

At the top, you have End to dismiss the call. The four buttons underneath that, from left to right, allow you to: send a message to the recipient(s) of the call; change the audio output; mute your mic; and turn off your camera.

Elsewhere on the screen will be a rectangle with your own video feed in it. Say hi! You can swipe to move this to another corner of the screen if it’s in the way. Two buttons are overlaid on your video feed: tap the star to set up visual effects or the camera flip icon to switch to the rear-facing camera (or back to the front-facing camera).

Finally, you can tap the white circular shutter button at any time during the call to capture a photo.