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Group iMessages: Chat With Multiple People At Once | iOS 17 Guide

It’s possible to organize events or chat with a group if you have several contacts that all use iMessage.

To set up a group chat, press the New Message button in the Messages app and add more than one contact to the To: field. Then send a message as usual. All messages will be visible to all members of the group chat.

Leave the thread

To leave a group chat, tap the group name at the top of the conversation and press info. Scroll down, tap Leave this Conversation and you will no longer get any messages in the thread.

If you don’t want to leave but want to stop receiving notifications, toggle on the Hide Alerts option instead.

Message details

There are more handy options hidden in this info pane. You’ll see contact details for those taking part in the conversation, plus location sharing options to make meeting up easier.

Here, you’ll also get a full summary of any photos, links, or attachments you have sent each other. Great for quickly finding something you sent months ago without scrolling back through the chat to find it.

Inline replies

iOS 14 allows you to reply directly to specific messages within a group thread. Just tap and hold on the message in question and select Reply.

Now, when you type out your message, it will be formatted as a response to that specific person and comment. Tap on an inline message, and you’ll receive a separate view of the thread away from the full conversation.


This feature, only in iOS 14 and higher, lets you directly address a specific person within a group chat. It’s useful for conversational clarity, or simply to get somebody’s attention.

Just type the person’s name as listed in your Contacts into a message, and when it turns grey give it a tap. Select the contact name that appears in a bubble and the name will turn blue, indicating that a mention will be made when you send the message.

You can also type the @ symbol directly before a name to automatically initiate a mention.

If you ensure that Notify Me is activated in Settings > Messages, you’ll receive a notification when you’re mentioned by name – even in muted group conversations.