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Memoji: Your Very Own Emoji Lookalike | iOS 17 Guide

If Animoji just isn’t personal enough, you can instead create a bespoke Memoji character based on your likeness.

First, open Messages and tap the Memoji button in the App Drawer. If the App Drawer is hidden, tap the App Store icon to reveal it. This will give you a carousel of every available Animoji alongside any Memoji characters you’ve already made.

Swipe through until you see one you like, bring your face in view of the camera, and start talking or moving your face. You’ll see the on-screen character copy your every move, like a magic mirror!

Hold the red record button to capture a video clip of your actions, up to a maximum of 30 seconds. Let go when you’re done and you can watch the animation back, complete with sound. Tap the blue send arrow to share the video in the chat, or the red trash icon if you want to delete it and try again.

Memoji creation

To design a new Memoji, swipe all the way to the left of the character carousel and press the New Memoji button.

You’ll then be provided with a whole bunch of options you can customize one by one. Tap the tabs to switch between categories like Hairstyle, Eyes, and Headwear, and choose your preferred look in each section. The preview at the top will track your movements through the front camera, so you can check out different angles simply by rotating your head!

When you’re happy with your design, press Done in the top right corner. Your new Memoji will be added to the character selection carousel.

If you’re not happy with your Memoji, tap the ‘‘ button. Here you can Edit, Duplicate, or Delete the design.