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Road Safety: Do Not Disturb While Driving | iOS 17 Guide

You can turn on Do Not Disturb while driving so you don’t get distracted while operating your vehicle.

The feature can be set to turn on automatically when your device detects motion, or when it connects to a car’s Bluetooth system. Or, you can enable it manually.

When active, it will mute incoming calls, notifications, and messages. The screen will stay off too.

You can set an auto text-response to let people know you’re driving. However, if it’s an emergency, a person can follow up with “urgent” and your device will notify you.

If the Bluetooth feature is active, phone calls will come through as you can answer them hands-free.

To turn on and customize the feature head to Settings, then Do Not Disturb. Scroll down to the section labelled Do Not Disturb While Driving and tap Manually. You can then choose how you’d like the feature to activate.

Further down, it’s also possible to configure an auto-reply message.

Ensure you’ve added Do Not Disturb While Driving to the customizable Control Center and then press the car icon to toggle the mode on or off..