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Screen Time: Monitor Your Device Usage | iOS 17 Guide

This feature provides all kinds of usage stats to help you better understand the time you spend on your device.

Open the Settings app and tap Screen Time. Here you’ll see a quick overview of the time you’ve spent staring at a screen today.

For a more detailed breakdown of your daily usage, tap See All Activity. You’ll see a weekly breakdown by default. To see your usage for the current day, switch to Day at the top of the screen.

This view collates your overall screen time and a list of your most used apps. For those who find themselves addicted to games or social media, some of these numbers could be eye-opening.

Screen Time also shows how often you pick up your device and which apps send you the most frequent notifications.

If you have multiple devices – say, an iPhone and an iPad – Screen Time can collate information across all of them to give you a fuller picture of your overall usage. In the Screen Time interface, scroll down and enable Share Across Devices to activate this feature.