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Siri Requests: A Taste Of What Siri Can Do | iOS 17 Guide

Siri can be used to send messages to friends, create a reminder, call contacts, set an alarm, and plenty of other tasks. Just speak your commands to it in plain English and Siri will do its best.

By default, Siri won’t respond vocally when Silent Mode is on, and it doesn’t show captions or transcriptions either. You can change these behaviors from Settings > Siri & Search > Siri Responses.

Conversation starters

Need some ideas of what Siri can do for you? Check out these example phrases and see if you get inspired!

“Hey Siri, what’s the weather like this afternoon?”

“Hey Siri, call Grandpa on speakerphone.”

“Hey Siri, how old is George Clooney?”

“Hey Siri, send Claire a message.”

“Hey Siri, who’s top of the Premier League?”

“Hey Siri, where are my AirPods?”

“Hey Siri, play my Chill Music mix.”

“Hey Siri, where can you get pizza around here?”

You can even call up Siri and say “what can I ask you to do?” for more ideas.