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Slide-To-Type: Increase Your Typing Speed | iOS 17 Guide

Did you know you can slide across the keyboard to type words, rather than tapping individual letters? Once you get used to it, it’s an extremely speedy way to write.

Quickly from letter to letter and don’t take your finger off the screen until you get to the end of the word. The word you were thinking of will appear as if by magic. You can then start swiping the next word immediately and a space will be automatically inserted between them.

If there are double letters in the word (like “oo”) simply move to the o key once. The keyboard will know what you mean.

This feature speeds things up, but relies heavily on autocorrect and isn’t always perfect. In recognition of this, the delete key removes entire words when using Slide-to-Type.

If you find yourself accidentally triggering the swipe controls, these features can be disabled in Settings: go to General > Keyboards to toggle off Slide to Type and Delete Slide-to-Type by Word.