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Text Replacement: Type Common Phrases Instantly | iOS 17 Guide

You can create custom typing shortcuts to quickly add common phrases to messages, such as “On my way!” or “See you later!”

Open the Settings app, select General, then Keyboard. Here you’ll find the Text Replacement section. Tap the ‘+’ button and then enter the phrase and shortcut you want.

When typing within apps, you can input the shortcut and the iPhone will offer to auto-complete the full phrase. Tap the space bar to complete the phrase and carry on typing.

This can also be used to save email addresses, postal addresses, message signatures, and the like. That way instead of typing out your entire email address every time you can simply input a short string of letters – like your initials, for example – and it will fill out instantly. Just make sure to pick a shortcut that isn’t commonly found within other words or you may find yourself accidentally triggering your text shortcut!

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