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Weather Info: View Detailed Weather Reports | iOS 17 Guide

Get more details about the current forecast in the Weather app. From any location page, scroll the page up to reveal Humidity, Chance of Rain, Wind, Feels Like, and more.

Below the current temperature is the forecast for the next few hours. Swipe across this from right to left to reveal more of the coming day.


Remove locations

To see all locations, and to add or delete them, tap the list icon in the bottom right. To add a new place, tap the magnifying glass button, search for the location, and tap to add it. To remove an entry, swipe across it from right to left and then tap the Delete option.


To change the order, tap and hold any location until it starts to float, then drag up or down the list and let go when it’s in place.


Dynamic maps

In iOS 15, Weather got some new features, including info widgets and dynamic weather maps.

From the map view, tap See More. You can then switch between three measures – Temperature, Precipitation, and Air Quality – by tapping the layers icon in the top-right.