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Top 5 Clock tips for the iPhone

The Clock app can tell you the time, set alarms, time your boiled eggs, or even measure your PB on the running track. But what else can it do? Try out these five additional Clock features:

1. Digital clock

The World Clock tab lets you see what time it is around the world, but the analog design can be a little hard to read, so tap on any of them to switch to a digital readout.

2. Repeat Alarms

You can set the Alarm Clock everyday, if you like. But why do that when you can simply use the Repeat function. When adding a new alarm, tap the Repeat option and choose which days you’d like it to go off on. Now you don’t have to set it every day.

Choose which days for the alarm to repeat

This can save you a lot of bother in the long run

3. Wake up to music

Why not use your favorite song to ease you from slumber? The iPhone allows you to do this quickly and easily. When you set an alarm, tap the Sound option followed by Pick a song. You can then select a tune from your iTunes Library by pressing the + icon and confirming it’s the song you want.

Pick a song from your library

Careful though, you could start to hate the sound of your favorite song!

4. Stop music

Falling asleep to music is great, but if you don’t want it playing to your snoozing brain all night, use the Timer.  Start by selecting the amount of time you want to listen for, then tap When Timer Ends followed by the Stop Playing option at the bottom. Now start the timer and head over to the Music app and hit play.

Set the timer to stop your music

There are a whole bunch of options for when the timer ends

5. Timer on Lock screen

While not strictly in the Clock app, knowing you don’t have to unlock your phone to see the time remaining is great. If the timer is running, just unlock the screen to see the time remaining at the top. If you are playing music, press the Home button once to switch to the time view.

When you start a timer it will be visible on the lock screen

Not having to open the app for this saves a lot of time

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