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Top 5 Music Tips

The music app lets you play back songs, albums, artists, and even audiobooks. Here are our top five tips to get more from it.

1. Hidden search

While it’s possible to scroll up and down the list of songs or use the vertical letter bar to jump to a section, you may wish to search for a song. Simply swipe down from the top of the Artists, Songs, or Albums lists to reveal the search box. Enter your term and find the song or artist quickly.

2. Delete songs

If you’ve downloaded lots of songs to your iPhone then you may want to remove some to save space. To delete a single song, select the Songs tab, then swipe across the name from right to left to reveal the Delete button and tap this.

Delete songs by sliding across from right to left

Swiping allows you to delete single items faster

3. Edit toolbar

On the bottom of the Music app there are four tabs to access your songs but also some other options from the More tab. If you prefer the choices here, tap Edit and drag the icon for Compilations, Composers, and Genres to the toolbar over the one you wish to remove. Tap Done when you’ve finished.

Change the icons on the toolbar

Customize the toolbar however you like

4. Artwork view

If you like seeing album artwork there’s a hidden view in the Music app. Simply turn your phone sideways to reveal all the artwork. You can pinch in or out to view more or less at once. Tap on the cover to see the songs and tap the artwork to return to the full view.

Turn your iPhone sideways to access album artwork

Zoom out to see more album covers

5. Hide iCloud songs

With iOS 7, by default the Music app will show all the songs you’ve ever purchased. Any song you haven’t downloaded will display a cloud icon next to it. However, if you have lots of these then it may be difficult to find what you like. To hide iCloud items, open the Settings app, select Music, and turn off Show All Music.

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