Never miss a post from favorite faces

We’re big fans of NetNewsWire, an RSS client you use to subscribe to favorite websites, meaning you never miss a story from sources you love.

The app is free and easy to use; but what you might not know is that you can use it to follow Twitter accounts as if they were RSS feeds. You might ask why anyone would want to do that. Again, it’s about cutting through noise and not missing what’s important to you.

To get started, you’ll need a Twitter account and to install NetNewsWire on your iPhone or iPad.

Activate Twitter feeds in NetNewsWire

Tap the cog icon to access NetNewsWire’s settings. Under extensions, tap Add Extension and then Twitter. Tap Enable and, when asked, sign into your Twitter account and authorize NetNewsWire. Tap Done.

Adding a Twitter feed to NetNewsWire

Back in the Feeds screen, tap + and then Add Twitter Feed. You then choose between adding your entire home timeline (not recommended), mentions (tweets that mention you), a screen name, or a search.

For now, tap Screen Name, type tapsmart in the text field, and then tap Next. In the Add Twitter Feed screen, give the feed a name, choose which folder it should appear in, and tap Add. You can then access the account’s recent posts from the Feeds screen, within the folder you stated. Tweets will also appear in the Today and All Unread smart feeds, where they’ll be combined with your regular RSS feeds.

Swipe across a feed to access useful actions.

Some additional points worth mentioning:

– You can use this same process to follow Reddit users/threads – just install the Reddit extension.

– Swipe left across a Twitter feed to access options to delete it, rename it, or access it in the Twitter app.

– Extension feeds by default live on-device, but you can sync them by first creating an iCloud NetNewsWire account in the app’s settings and assigning new Twitter feeds to that ‘folder’.