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Are you a Whatsapp user? Millions of iPhones users are – but the Facebook-owned company has recently updated its privacy policy to allow it to begin sharing users’ phone numbers with the social network. Something many of these users are not pleased about at all.

Whether they also use Facebook or not, many users prefer the near omnipresent social company not have direct access to their details. However, there’s no need to worry – whether or not you’ve accepted the app’s new privacy policy (it’s easy to tap Accept without really paying attention) here’s how to prevent one of the world’s most popular messaging apps from sharing your phone number with the world’s most prevalent social network.

Note: The new privacy policy came into effect on August 25, and users have only thirty days to opt-out of the new T&Cs.

1. If you haven’t accepted the new terms yet

Depending on whether you have automatic updates on, or if you’re not a frequent user of the app, you may not have seen the new terms yet. If you’ve not updated the app to the latest version, do so now. Then, when you open the app, a new set of terms and conditions will pop up prompting you to tap Agree. Don’t! Instead, scroll down to the bottom of the terms and uncheck the box that says it plans to share your WhatsApp info with Facebook. Simple.

2. If you have already updated the app and accepted the new policy

Help! I’ve already agreed to the new terms and conditions! Don’t worry – this is easily fixed in WhatsApp’s Settings. Simply tap Account, then find the new option titled ‘Share my account info’. Simply uncheck the box and that’s it. Also simple!

The screengrab shows WhatsApp currently sharing the users info with Facebook. If you don't want to share your info toggle this option off.

The screengrab shows WhatsApp currently sharing the users info with Facebook. If you don’t want to share your info toggle this option off.

If you don’t use WhatsApp yet, it’s worth checking out. It’s great for sending text-based messages, images, videos and more to individuals or groups without having to pay any kinds of carrier SMS or call fees as everything’s handled over either a cellular connections of Wi-Fi. It’s particularly beneficial for those with friends or families based in a different country. Also, the app is completely fee.

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