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A personal, private map – keep track of locations with Pin Drop

A privacy-focused alternative to Google Maps’ saved places

Pin Drop is a smart, free app for keeping track of all your favorite places – from bars to eateries, peaceful spaces, and fun days out. It’s like a personal map that never leaves your side! The best part is that everything is fully encrypted and completely private.

Pin Drop

If it sounds familiar, that’s because Pin Drop was big on the App Store way back in 2013. But after a huge update last year, it’s well and truly back on the scene these days and is worth a second look.

Here’s how it works.

After downloading and installing the free app, launch it to browse or search. Like any mapping app, Pin Drop will center in on your current location, but a handy text field at the top of the app allows you to search for places of interest.

You might want to earmark your favorite bars or restaurants – like places where you can find the nicest beer, food to suit your diet, or places that are child-friendly. It’s also great for planning points of interest for a trip away, or marking locations you have to visit as part of your job.

When you’ve found somewhere you’d like to save, simply tap Drop Pin. Then, you can begin to add some finer details.

Pin Drop.

Chief among these is a title and a tag – the latter allows you to group places of interest together for quick and easy browsing. Hit Save when you’re happy.

Along from the app’s main page is the Tags tab where you can see all your tags in one place.

Add details and create your personalized map!

Pin Drop also allows users to create an account, if they wish, in order to share their points of interest with followers – and to follow others to see their recommendations. It’s a great feature for those visiting a new place, or wanting to learn a little more about their local area!

There’s a whole world out there for you to explore – one pin at a time!