We love how easy it is to use the iPhone, but the wealth of capabilities it offers can be hard to keep up with. Apple doesn’t ship the iPhone with a manual, which means millions of users sadly end up missing out on essential features and useful apps.

That’s where we come in! We’ve compiled hundreds of bite-sized tips and tricks, from the absolute basics right through to advanced productivity secrets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, this digital guide will help you master your iPhone in no time.

All our tips are based on Apple’s most recent iPhone software, iOS 13. To get the most from this guide we recommend you use iOS 13 too. You can update for free in the Settings app under General > Software Update if you don’t have iOS 13 yet.

There are a couple different ways to work through this app. While in the Tips tab, tap any of the chapter headings to dive in and explore in any order you like. If you’d prefer to read the tips through from start to finish like a book, simply swipe from right to left to turn the page and load the next tip.

We also recommend you dig into the rest of the Introduction articles for a selection of essentials to get you started: a Quickstart Guide for iPhone beginners; a New in iOS 13 post outlining the latest features; and a Jargon Dictionary to help you better understand confusing tech phrases.

We hope you enjoy Tips & Tricks – happy reading!