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Guide: talk to Siri about music on iPhone | iOS 9

If you ever wonder what that song playing on the radio is then Siri can help. Start Siri and ask “What’s this song?” while making sure it can hear the tune.

Siri will then listen and attempt to name it. Once it has it will provide the relevant information as well as an opportunity to buy the tune directly through iTunes.


From iOS 8.4 onwards, Siri can also play music straight from your library or from an Apple Music subscription. All you have to do is ask: “play Get Lucky,” “play the most popular songs from 1985,” or even “play the song from the film Selma.”

You can also like and dislike tracks playing through Apple Music by telling Siri “I like/dislike this song” as it plays. This information is used by Apple to learn more accurately what kind of music you’re into.