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YouTube app fix: update now to avoid battery drain

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We reported two weeks ago that the YouTube app was causing severe battery drain problems for iPhone and iPad users running iOS 11.1. Though it didn’t affect everybody, it was a fairly widespread issue that could cause the app to quickly eat up battery life through unnecessary background activity – even when the app wasn’t in use.

Well, though it’s taken a little longer than we would have expected, the company has now released an update that addresses the problem. The release notes for version 12.45 of the app simply state “fixed an issue with battery usage.”

If you have the YouTube app on your device, we highly recommend updating it immediately just to be sure you won’t fall victim to any more weird battery glitches.

Update YouTube

This kind of thing is rare, and we’ll always try to keep you up to date with news of rogue app activity – but if you want to find out which apps are guilty of using the most power on your device, simply open the Settings app and press Battery. The data here should help you decide which apps to leave alone when you’re low on battery, and is the best place to spot any unusual background activity.