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Apple pushes the Apple Watch with a series of new ads

Apple has launched a series of eight brand new Apple Watch commercials, highlighting various features of the wearable device.

Style-wise, the new ads fit in with the previous fourteen that have aired since the Apple Watch launched around a year ago. Each one clocks in at a mere sixteen seconds long, and is intended to showcase a single feature of the device.

Half of the ads focus on the fitness tracking capabilities of the smartwatch, showing how it can track your workouts, heart rate, daily goals, or encourage you to compete with your friends to do the most exercise. One ad shows the ‘ping iPhone’ feature helping to locate a lost iPhone, while another highlights the various styles of watch band available. The last two spots show how an Apple Watch can come in handy at a surprise party or a rainy bus stop. We’ve embedded a couple below, and the rest can be found on Apple’s YouTube page.

Could this be an effort to drum up interest before the (rumored) launch of Apple Watch 2 in June? Sales are expected to be lower than originally predicted, so perhaps Apple wants to remind everyone of the benefits of the Apple Watch before blowing us away with the sequel’s new features. Or maybe not – only time will tell!