Apple’s long-awaited HomePod smart speaker is finally available to purchase. Online preorders are now live, though the product isn’t expected to ship until February 9, when it will also be available to purchase in-store.

So far, those with early access to the HomePod have had good first impressions, praising the impressive sound quality and the integration of Siri. It seems like Apple has really gone to town packing a real punch into a small speaker, with comments from Reddit’s Audiophile group commenting that some of the technologies used in the HomePod aren’t seen in any other speakers below a whopping $85,000. That doesn’t mean they’ll sound the same, of course, but it should mean HomePod blows other speakers of comparable size out of the water.

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To begin with, the device will only be available to those in the US, the UK, and Australia, but it will roll out to other regions throughout the year. There is just the one configuration to choose from, though users can pick between a white or space gray finish. HomePod will cost $349 (£319 in the UK and A$499 in Australia) which is much more than its competitors, but as ever Apple is more concerned with quality than market share.

It’s unclear just how much initial stock will be available, and so if you’re interested in HomePod we’d recommend you put an order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. You can do so from Apple’s website or from the Apple Store app on your iPhone or iPad.