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Samsung’s best phone loses speed test against the iPhone 6s

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, it’s newest and most powerful smartphone, showcases much higher technical specifications than the iPhone 6s on paper. But in a practical speed test conducted by PhoneBuff, Apple’s iPhone beat out its Android rival without breaking a sweat.

Despite the Note rocking a quad-core processor and 4GB RAM (compared to the iPhone’s dual-core processor and 2GB RAM) Apple’s flagship device reigned supreme by a significant margin. The iPhone finished two “laps” of opening and reopening apps and games before the Note even completed its first cycle, ending up winning the race by almost a full minute (01:51 beats 02:49). Impressive stuff!

This is good news for iPhone owners worried they may be missing out due to the specs of high-end Android smartphones. The Note struggled to load certain games with any speed and spent much longer than the iPhone exporting video content. Samsung fans may point to the Note’s higher screen resolution as a reason for its slower performance, but the iPhone’s incredible speed is also testament to Apple’s deep integration of self-designed hardware and well-optimized software.

As PhoneBuff notes, this makes the iPhone 6s the first smartphone its tested to go undefeated in speed tests throughout its entire one-year life cycle. (The iPhone 7 is due out next month.) If you’re interested in seeing the race for yourself, along with in-depth commentary, check out the full video below.