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It’s show time – Apple to unveil new TV service March 25

Apple has officially announced its next event, during which the company is expected to unveil its upcoming TV streaming service. Invites have been sent to the media, and the message is simple:

Please join us for an Apple special event at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino. March 25, 2019. 10:00 am.

That’s California time, of course, and so if you plan to tune in live you’ll want to adjust for your own time zone.

The event is titled “It’s show time” which seems like an obvious nod to Apple’s long-expected TV ambitions. According to reports, Apple has been spending a lot of money on original programming for its own Netflix-style streaming service. Though there are a bunch of big names on board, rumor has it Apple’s executives have been meddling to ensure all shows stick to its strict family-friendly image. Many analysts are worried this will lead to neutered content that lacks the edge of other networks’ output.

Whatever has been going on behind the curtain, we’re sure to see some of the upcoming shows teased at this event alongside details on the service itself. Various reports have pinpointed a $10/month fee, though Apple may continue to provide some of its content free to Apple Music subscribers, as it did with Carpool Karaoke.

We’re also expecting to hear more about Apple’s rumored News subscription service, although that may have hit a roadblock after publishers balked at Apple’s request for a 50% revenue split. Finally, there’s some hope we’ll get some brief hardware announcements too like the iPad mini 5 and iPod touch 7 – although it’s clear this is primarily a services event.

The event, as is the norm these days, will be streamed live from Apple’s website – but these events can last up to two hours, and so if you’d rather just hear the highlights rest assured we’ll be posting everything you need to know right here as soon as the event is over.