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Apple updates its free app of the week! You can now download photo & video editor Musemage for free

Powerful, but unique photo and video editor Musemage goes free across iPhone & iPad

Apple has updated its free app of the week and this time it’s the popular Musemage app which drops from $4, to nothing. Get it while you can! With both photography tools, and editing tools, you can make use of a number of camera lenses and filters, as well as effects.

This includes editing video stabilization, trimming and stitching clips, and simple filters for photos.

Here’s the App Store blurb:

Filming and editing is serious business, but Musemage makes it so easy you might be fooled. This all-in-one tool lets you shoot in HDR or manual mode—that means your colors will always be vibrant and you get to choose where you focus. Oh, and adding real-time filters to your video clips? That’s a great way to make your movies pop.

Note – this app will remain free until next Thursday.

Musemage – was $3.99/£3.99, now FREE