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Apps Roundup – Aug 12, 2016

Check out the new and notable apps we think you should be downloading this week.

Dropbox Paper

Price: Free • Version: 1.0.0 • Size: 55.1 MB

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Dropbox has released a collaborative note-taking tool called Notes. The launch of the app this week signifies a wider beta release – previously, it was invite only. So, what’s it for? Many people use Dropbox to store files and documents in the cloud, but Paper is a focused app for documents and notes and allowing multiple people to edit a single doc. At the moment, its collaboration features are being touted as perfect for agile businesses, but for the every day person, there’s no reason why it can’t sit alongside Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote and even Evernote (which hiked its prices recently). Need somewhere to store your notes and documents that can be accessed online? Check out Dropbox Paper.


Journey Below

Price: $2.99 / £2.29 • Version: 1.0 • Size: 41.2 MB

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Brand new auto-running platformer by the creators of the highly popular Tiny Rogue. Control a knight on his adventure to save the kingdom from an evil monster. Randomly generated levels, various environments and characters, plus challenging boss battles. Enjoy!



Price: Free • Version: 1.2.1 • Size: 7.6 MB

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It seems like the whole world has been having fun using Prisma, the app that turns your photos into works of art based on famous artists, but now a new app has hit the App Store that does a similar kind of thing but for video. Give it a shot!


Flying Slime

Price: $2.99 / $2.29 • Version: 1.0.2 • Size: 55.5 MB

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2D platformer featuring ‘Slime’, a cutesy little creature that swings through the forest using its gooey stickiness. A fun, and charming little game that’ll appeal to all.


Picniic – Family Organizer

Price: Free • Version: 1.13 • Size: 18.3 MB

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Next-gen family management platform aimed at families that want to be organized and connected. The app combines multiple location and information tools to ensure all members of a family know what’s going on through a shared calendar.


Return to Grisly Manor

Price: $2.99 / £2.29 • Version: 1.0.3 • Size: 151 MB

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Sequel to The Secret of Grisly Manor ($0.99). Grandpa’s renovated Grisly Manor is on the verge of being demolished by greedy developers, and to stop them he needs to prove he owns the land. To do this he has to go back to the old manor in 1999. Explore the new house, repair Grandpa’s time machine and travel back to the original manor. Sounds fun!



[UPDATE] Ulysses

Price: $24.99 / £18.99 • Version: 2.6 • Size: 49.6 MB

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The price-tag might put a lot of people off, but the Apple Design Award Winner 2016 is an absolute best in class app for those serious about writing. Perfect for distraction free journaling, word processing and note taking, Ulysses has the design and function of high-end desktop writing software. The most recent update that’s just hit the App Store comes with WordPress publishing functionality.