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Big Clips update: immersive Memoji support added

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Apple launched a pretty impressive free video editor a few years back called Clips, with the intention of making it easier for the average person to quickly knock up fun videos to share with their friends. Though it’s not taken off quite as much as Apple probably hoped, its a surprisingly powerful app that can create stunning scenes and effects in seconds.

The app is completely free and certainly worth your time if you haven’t given it a whirl before – especially as Apple has just updated Clips with a whole bunch of new stuff. Primarily relating to its popular Animoji and Memoji features that put the custom cartoon avatars into the real world.

“With this update, Memoji created and customized in the Messages app on iOS will automatically appear in Clips. Users can also layer their Animoji and Memoji video clips with all their favorite existing features in Clips like artistic filters, animated text, music, stickers and more. Animoji characters can even be changed in a video after it’s already recorded. And with the wider field of view included with the new front-facing camera on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro, users can fit more in the frame when recording selfie videos.”

It’s easy to discard Memoji as a gimmick, but it’s really well implemented here and surprisingly good fun to toy around with.

To use this new feature, open Clips and tap the star-shaped Effects button in the lower right corner. Then select Animoji and swipe through the carousel to pick your favorite. Anything you’ve created in the Messages app will appear here, but you can’t create new Memoji from within Clips.

This version of Clips also adds a festive “Let It Snow” animated poster, new Disney stickers, and support for additional languages. It all adds up to a compelling download!

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