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Big update as email app Alto adds calendar and Alexa support

The impressive email app just got even better

We reviewed Alto version 2.0 last year and were broadly impressed with what we saw. It’s an email client  that organizes your inbox for you, automatically plucking out important messages, ticket receipts, and photos as if by magic. All this time-saving ingenuity is perfectly pitched to users who are sick of spending an age trying to find specific documents in their email archives.

Now, a big version 3.0 update has just released and brings some killer new features. The biggest single improvement is the addition of full calendar capabilities. Upcoming events are surfaced to the “card stacks” on the homepage, along with your important emails. Alto is now an email client and a calendar app, integrating both into its intelligence engine to better work out how to show you the most important things on a single homepage.

For those users with an Amazon Echo, you’ll be pleased to hear that Alto now integrates fully with Alexa. Which, combined with its knowledge of your emails and calendar, makes it the brains that can power up Alexa into a genuinely useful personal assistant. Previously Alexa was only compatible with Google Calendar, so this could be a really good way to get all your information in one place.

Oh, and our favorite thing about Alto? As it’s produced and published by AOL/Verizon, the app is completely free. You can try out the new version of Alto on the App Store now.