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Remember The app that magically turned anything you type into a catchy music video was amazingly popular, allowing millions of users to create highly shareable, completely personal, and potentially viral video clips in seconds.

Then, Ditty died. Its creators, Zya, shut down the app and its fans have missed it ever since.

Although Ditty has been gone for two years ago now, users are still searching for the app (or a decent replacement) in droves. In fact, our Ditty review from 2019 gets an insane number of Google hits even today. So we figured we’d better give those searchers something useful to read!

Here, then, are some alternative apps to try that we think have the same vibe as Ditty. Though none of them are exactly the same, you should be able to find something here to fill that Ditty-shaped hole in your digital life. Enjoy!

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The best alternatives to Ditty

AutoRap by Smule

Here, you’re speaking to the camera instead of typing a message – but the resulting video is pretty similar to what you’d get from Ditty. Fast cuts, high energy, and auto-tuned “rap” created automatically from your words. There are loads of backing tracks to choose from and the app will chop up anything you say so it’s on the beat.


Also consider: Smule’s Karaoke Singing app, if rap isn’t your genre of choice.

Text to Speech – TTS

If it’s the text generation aspect of Ditty you miss rather than the singing, this simple app will do the trick. It’s not the most feature-packed speech synthesizer out there, but it crams a ton of different voices from all over the world into an easy-to-use package that’s completely free. Type anything you like and you can send your friends an audio file of it being read by a synthesized voice.

Text to Speech

Also consider: Uberduck AI, if you want to simulate the speech of famous people.


Finally, if it’s the silly viral aspect you liked best in Ditty, the massively popular video-sharing app TikTok has you covered. TikTok has a huge number of wacky audio and video filters and some basic editing effects, meaning you can create funny and shareable clips without much effort. Like Ditty, it’s also big on text-to-speech. If you’re not interested in the social network aspect, you can simply save the videos to Photos and then share with your friends via private message or email.


Also consider: Instagram and Snapchat also have a good range of fun video effects to toy with.