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Ditty – turn any message into a song

When a text message is simply too boring

Price: Free
Version: 2.9.18
Size: 123 MB
Developer: Music Mastermind Inc
Platform: iPhone and iPad

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Ditty is an award-winning music app, a number 1 app in 25 countries, with 100 million ditties made to this date – and it’s all thanks to its novel approach to livening up text. Want to wish someone a happy birthday? Why would you possibly consider doing that without singing, music, photos, or a silly GIF? In Ditty’s world, you wouldn’t.

After arriving to minor fanfare last year, it gained a huge number of followers as the months wore on, and with the addition of iMessage capability in 2016 and major growth in 2017 the app has cemented its reputation as a smash hit. But there are still millions that don’t use Ditty. Is it actually any good? Will it survive in 2018? And more importantly, should you be using it?

The app is super simple to use – but mastering it will take some time

This is how the app works. After you fire it up, it tells you to enter some text. This can be a short message like ‘happy birthday’ or ‘what’s up?’, or it can be a longer line, a joke, or something you’d think would make a decent lyric. Then you hit next and the app quickly turns those words into a song. This is Ditty at its most basic: turn any phrase into a song, with some neat graphics underneath and the phrase written out over the clip.

Enter a phrase, a lyric, a joke, or a greeting, and Ditty will turn it into music

There are a number of songs to choose from, with more popular ones being available via IAP. The app will then autotune your phrase to match the music. From here you can simply save, or share via social media on iMessage. But why stop there? You can also add a GIF from the app’s vast library, which will replace the graphics with a short video clip. You can also add your own photos and videos from your library.

Add some GIFs, photos, or videos from your own library

So, why is it so popular? We’d say in a world where new apps arrive everyday and the whole world is plugged into social media and messaging, the quest to rise above the crowd is never-ending. Ditty gives users the opportunity to liven up a simple message. To make the recipient feel like more effort has gone into the sentiment.

Ditty also contains a social element – start building a social network through your clips

But messaging is only one element. There’s a whole social network built into the app, and its addictive in the same way seeking likes on Instagram is. When you make a Ditty, you can publish it publicly to the app itself and have it appear on various hashtag streams. If you make a decent Ditty – something funny, profound, or well made, then you may even see your clip go viral.

Popular videos will appear under hashtags so you can have just as much fun viewing other users’ ditties

On its own, Ditty is a silly piece of fun. It’s certainly not for all users – and while many use it, you really need to have something to say and put some time into creating these ditties. The most basic ditties can be pretty boring and many users might not find it particularly interesting. It’s not for everyone but for those that have a strong social media presence, or just want to stand out in chats with their friends, the app can be great fun.