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Kitche – app aims to get rid of food waste

Reduce your food waste and keep track of how you shop

Price: Free
Version: 1.0.3
Size: 39.9 MB
Developer: Save Home Food Waste & Money
Platform: iPhone / iPad


Food waste is a hot topic right now and Kitche is the latest app looking to solve the problem. This totally free app looks to take the hassle out of efficiently using the food you’ve got in the house by keeping track of what you buy while also providing recipe suggestions based on the food you’ve just bought.

Start by scanning your shopping list

Additionally, unlike some of the most tedious elements of food tracking apps where you have to add all the items in yourself, Kitche looks to take on the hard work by allowing users to scan their entire receipts from most of the major grocery stores which it will then process and log via the camera. The app gives you a list of the products to check over, then once correct you can add to your virtual pantry before putting them in your very real one.

Next, confirm the items or discard incorrect ones. We’ve no idea what 7ay is but it sounds delicious

Beyond that, it also has a reminder function which will help you remember what you’ve got, and what you need to use before it goes bad.

It also hopes to make users aware of their behaviors by allowing you to tell the app when you’ve had to toss something. This way it tracks your habits and you have better visibility of what you frequently throw away so next time you can make better decisions and buy less.

The app categorises the items you scan

Finally, Kitche uses your lists of items to find you recipes using that food, taking the indecision out of what to cook. This is a really well thought out feature. While many apps may take a shortcut by linking to other online recipes which could be hit and miss, Kitche’s exist in app, feel curated and are simple to follow.

The app itself is simply designed and categorizes food by type, such as dairy or vegetables. It also feels very holistic in its approach, when you think about the opportunities it provides. For example, we often go to the store on the way back from somewhere and often end up buying something we already have. Kitche keeps a running tab of things you have so you can double check while on the go.

You can customize practically everything, including reminders when to use the product by

Of course, there’s still plenty of room for improvement when it comes to such a new app. Firstly, it requires a conscious change in approach from the user to ensure they’re highlighting when food is no longer in the house so the app stays up to date. Though that’s easier than having to input it in the first place.

The app also seems tailored towards the single, or house-sharers rather than families. In our household we share the shopping duties with others in the family, while a lot of working from home time means separate meals are often prepared. A co-account would work wonders if this was to prove useful in the long-term.

The recipes are baked in to the app and easy to follow

But overall, Kitche is noble app and we’d all benefit from using more apps that do good beyond the individual.