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Happy Halloween! Enjoy the night with these apps

Happy Hallow’s Eve, one and all! Whether you’re knee-deep in candy and costumes or pretending you’re not home every time you hear a knock at the door, we’ve got a bunch of great recommendations to make the night more enjoyable.

We’ve been writing about spooky App Store stuff for years now, so tonight let’s take a look back through the best of our Halloween content.

Last year we posted two bumper Halloween roundups. The first covers 12 of the best games to play at this time of year, from atmospheric AR horror to blood-drenched cartoon action (and everything in between).

The second roundup looks more broadly at spooky entertainment with 12 of the best apps [Premium] to keep the fun (and frights) flowing long after the candy has run out. Check it out to see which apps are essential for a fright tonight.

It’s also worth checking out an earlier horror games roundup, which features four more games that will have you running for fresh undies before the clock strikes midnight.

Maybe it’s not games you’re hunting for. Maybe it’s ghosts. If that’s the case, check out our review for the supremely stupid (but fun) Ghost Detector app. Though it’s since been removed from the App Store, read our review and it’ll soon be obvious why. Drama.

Finally, if you’re sick of consuming content and want to make something yourself, consider trying out Cinematic Mode to shoot your own spectacular gore-fest, complete with ketchup blood and spaghetti brains.

Have a great night!