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Jonathan Yeo Studio – a magical glimpse into an artist’s studio

Explore an artists’ studio in AR

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.1
Size: 235.3 MB
Platform: iPhone / iPad
Developer: Jonathan Yeo

Jonathan Yeo Studio

Rarely does an app that’s clearly so experimental achieve its goal so competently. Jonathan Yeo Studio allows users a glimpse into the process and the subjects of the titular artist while offering far more than a glimpse of his own studio.

The studio will appear through your camera

In fact, the whole experience, which is delivered by augmented reality, will appeal greatly to art lovers as it takes place directly within the artist’s studio.

After opening the app you’ll see the view through your camera, shortly, a 3D render of Yeo’s studio will appear and sit atop your real-life surroundings. From there, the man himself saunters into the studio in a kind of faded holographic form to introduce the concept.

Take a doll’s house view of the studio as the artist works

From there, the experience continues fluidly as Yeo makes his way over to his canvas. And that’s when the real fun begins, as Yeo gives us a candid view into the artist’s work and those that sit with him. We got to enjoy a behind the scenes conversation between British chef Jamie Oliver and Yeo with Oliver sat remotely.

The quality of the video and audio here is impeccable and you really do feel like you’re in the room, especially when you zoom in and move the camera around. Whenever the world around you disappears out of frame, the experience feels even more real.

Zoom in for a fully immersive experience

There are other surprises too as you move around and explore the studio – but we won’t spoil them here. Elsewhere, other welcome faces make cameo appearances, including the popular physicist Brian Cox.

The conversations feel fairly extensive too, but they’re casual. We found ourselves frequently wandering around the studio, nosing about, as the artist and his subject natter on in the background.

Get up close and personal

Overall, the whole experience is wonderful. Not only is it incredibly well-executed, the personal touch is clear throughout, from the artist-penned UI design to the full 360-degree experience. This is easily one of the most interesting uses of Apple’s AR technology that we’ve seen and feels like a whole new way to engage with an artist.