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Manage your meds – best apps for medication tracking

Apple is adding medication tracking features in iOS 16, with a new section coming to the Health app plus a dedicated Medications app for Apple Watch. But until the new software launches this September, which apps are best placed to help you remember to take your pills? It turns out there are a few good choices out there, including free apps, paid apps, and even apps for parents.

Our top pick

In our view, the best all-rounder here is Medisafe Medication Management. This offers users medication reminders, and – importantly – the ability to check for any possible interactions between different drugs. It boasts a clean and simple interface, and lets users share reports with medics. There’s also a refill reminder which prompts iPhone and iPad owners when it’s time to order a new script.


Medisafe is a free download, with a $5/£5 monthly subscription removing ads and adding a handful of premium features.

Add and track your medication.

Feeling moody?

For those interested in the mind-body connection, MyTherapy is a smart medication reminder that features a built-in mood tracker. While the user interface might not be as swish as Medisafe, MyTherapy indeed allows users to record information related to their wellbeing as well as their ongoing medication. That can be really helpful in figuring out whether the two are connected.


MyTherapy can be downloaded free of charge on the App Store.

Great with kids

Being a parent can be stressful. OnCure is an app that makes it easy for parents to track their kids’ medicines and overall health. Not only can you keep track of prescriptions in the app, but OnCure also includes a symptom tracker and journal. Plus, additional caregivers – like a spouse or even grandparents – can be added to the app.


OnCure is available free of charge on the App Store.

Log your mood, as well as your meds.

For birth control

And finally, the best app for reproductive health and birth control is Spot On Period Tracker. The app lets users manage their birth control – including the contraceptive pill – while also including support for fertility and mood tracking. Plus, there’s in-app advice and resources for users to access.

Spot On

Spot On Period Tracker is a free download on the App Store.

Apple’s iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 launch in the fall – until then, take one of the above apps for a spin, and keep track of your medication!