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MelodyVR – experience concerts in virtual reality

App wants to put you center stage with your favorite artists

Price: Free (IAP)
Version: 2.10.1
Size: 159.2 MB
Platform: iPhone / iPad
Developer: MelodyVR


After 360-degree concert-watching app MelodyVR uploaded artist sets from London’s Wireless festival earlier this year, we figured it was time we took a look at the app which could finally bring virtual reality to the masses.

MelodyVR has been around for a few years now, and in typical tech start-up fashion was being reported on and hyped long before it launched. Cue a number of stories about cameras melting, new funding rounds and a complete lack of profits before the iOS app finally launched in May 2018.

Select from a variety of artists – there are some freebies to try out first

The app now features a range of concerts featuring modern artists like Wiz Khalifa and Post Malone, but also more classic artists like KISS. These concerts can be watched via your mobile device, which uses your iPhone’s internal sensors and gizmos to allow you a 360-degree view of the concert. It also allows you a number of views – or jump spots – from the pit to stage left. You really can spend the performance exploring the best views of the action.

Choose your view – stage left? Pit? Go for it!

And it works very, very well. For music lovers the app really gives an unrivaled view, but unlike a regularly filmed concert, you are in control of how you watch. You can spend the performance watching the artist, before taking a break to look around at the crowd’s reaction, or to look at the light show. More than that, you can do it from the best seat in the house – the stage. And by moving around you can get a clear view of various elements, even overlooking a drummer as they bash out a drum solo.

The app also lets you use a phone-based VR headset

To use the app you can download it for free. Although full concerts are paid for, you can test it out with a few freebies to check out if it’s something you can get on board with. And it’s not just your traditional concerts that are available, there are also exclusives and VIP sessions and other extras.

The diverse range of artists is one of MelodyVR’s strengths, though at the outset is seems like a rather random, non-curated selection. The developers say that’s somewhat intentional, as they believe that while the younger generation might be the ones that bring a VR headset into the house, whole family that may intrigued by the technology and are willing to try it.

Artists also do exclusive and intimate performances

Which brings us to the million-dollar question – do you need a VR headset? While the app is available on premium headsets such as Oculus, using a basic plastic headset with an iPhone also works pretty well. In fact, if you’re going to pay for concerts, we’d say it’s worthwhile picking up a headset for $20 or so to get the full effect.

While you can use it in landscape mode on your phone and look around freely without one, a headset makes sure you’re fully immersed in the action without any outside distractions – and it saves the strain of holding your arms out in front of you the entire time.

MelodyVR so far has few competitors and really does offer something new. It won’t be for everyone, and while it might seem expensive, voracious gig-goers will be able to experience a little bit of the live buzz for less, and without leaving their home.