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Out of Milk? Apple’s favorite shopping list apps

Still using the default Notes app to write your shopping lists? Or – god forbid – actual pen and paper? Like a caveman?

It’s time to up your game and start using a smart app to help you keep track. Apple clearly agrees, as its editorial team has published its favorite apps for making and maintaining shopping and to-do lists.

Included in the roundup are two of our favorite all-around task managers Wunderlist and Things 3 – both of which we’ve reviewed very favorably in the past. Beyond that are ten more great apps that cater to slightly different needs, including the shopping-focused Out of Milk and the snarky guilt-you-into-getting-things-done CARROT To-Do.

Getting to grips with one (or more) of these apps is highly recommended. Mastery of a good to-do list app won’t just help you keep track of what’s in the pantry and stop you forgetting to buy cheese each week; it could make your entire life that little bit more productive.

You can read the full list of lists on the App Store.