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New Apps Roundup: five great games worth checking out

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The App Store is a curious beast. Literally thousands of apps are added each week, and trawling through them to find the interesting ones can be difficult. Despite the quantity on offer, oftentimes a week flies by without much to report. Not so this week – in the past few days we’ve seen a slew of quality games released for iOS.

Here’s our pick of the five most worthy of your attention!

Brave Hand [Free]

Developer description: You’ve landed on a mysterious Island and unearthed a long forgotten card game. As you play, you begin to unravel clues to its origin, strategy, and hidden powers. Are you brave enough to push on and discover all of its secrets?

We say: this is strategic single-player card game, like Solitaire if it had deeper tactics and a sprinkling of fantasy whimsy. It’s simple to pick up but could be endlessly addictive.

Get Brave Hand

Ocmo [$5/£5]

Developer description: Ocmo is an award winning ninja rope platformer that challenges even hardcore gamers. Fluid movement, physics based gameplay and tight controls create unique sense of freedom and flow.

We say: This is a slick, difficult, highly rewarding game. If your favorite weapon in Worms is the ninja rope, you’ll be right at home here.

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Universal Paperclips [$2/£2]

Developer description: Become a super-powerful AI who only wants one thing: paperclips. Use your unstoppable intelligence to create a massive paperclip empire in this addictive idle/management/strategy/sim.

We say: One of the better examples of the “clicker” genre, this is a highly addictive game of business with a slightly scary A.I. subtext.

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7 Wonders [$5/£5]

Developer description: Build your ancient civilization through three evolutionary ages. Construct scientific buildings reflecting the technological progress of your city. Trade with your neighbors, erect civilian works for your citizens, and grow your armed forces to defeat your opponents at the end of each age. Finally, magnify your civilization by edifying one of the 7 Wonders of the world!

We say: if you like board games, do yourself a favor and give this a try. The physical version is one of the most popular “European style” games in the world for good reason.

Get 7 Wonders

Corporate Salmon

Developer description: Flop to the top of a fishy financial escalator in Corporate Salmon! Employees must collect coins, avoid slippery staff, pick up power-ups and jump on profit lines, all while leaping from step to step!

We say: it’s fast, it’s silly, it’s Corporate Salmon. This is a quickfire one-tap game, perfect if you like something simple and engaging to dip into when you have time to kill.

Get Corporate Salmon