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Poolsuite FM – endless summer radio vibes

Curated radio stations for an endless summer

Price: Free
Version: 1.2.0
Size: 21.3 MB
Developer: Poolside Worldwide

Poolsuite FM

Dreamt up in the Scottish Highlands of all places, the developers of Poolsuite FM – hosts of the App Store’s best retro pool party – just want to keep the summer alive all year round.

They do that by bringing us the very best in poolside beats and laid-back summer vibes through stylized retro graphics and a host of themed radio stations, all powered by the artist-focused streaming site Soundcloud.

This strapping beach dude welcomes you to proceedings, setting up the app’s personality from the off

We’ve all heard it, right? The hidden Sonos in the palm tree that shades the sunbeds, at the side of the pool in that perfect hotel on one of the more chilled-out Balearic islands, which plays minimal house music all day long. Easy listening from a specific time and place. That’s the ambience Poolsuite is chasing.

Though sometimes it might take a more synthpop approach, reminiscent of a rooftop pool somewhere in Brooklyn. Either way, the sound is slightly tinny, not too attention-grabbing to pull you out of the sun-drenched daze you’ve found yourself in as your brain takes an invisible intravenous shot of Vitamin D.

It’s easy to get started – the default playlist is fired up and ready to go

Okay, we’re getting as carried away with summer as Poolsuite FM. But also, there’s not a great deal to say about this app, other than it’s an entirely unique take on music streaming and its just won an Apple Design Award for its fresh approach to throwback design. It’s free, and you don’t have to waste time choosing the music. Whether you want something to soundtrack your working day, to stick on while mowing the lawn, or just to fill out the background of a dinner party. Poolsuite FM’s curated playlists are always chill, and provide the perfect backdrop to almost anything.

Its pixelated monotoned stylings are also a joy – reminiscent of an 80s personality sitting on a 90s desktop design. Though customizable, the app’s layout remains relatively basic – further reflecting the no-frills approach across the whole thing.

You can change up the color scheme too

There’s an option to sign up for an account, which will allow you to favorite tracks to find and listen to later. Otherwise, just enjoy the randomized options from a purposely limited pool of themed playlists including ‘Indie summer’, ‘Hangover Club’ and ‘Tokyo Disco’.

Tracks are frequently updated too. So much of this is down to the developer’s ongoing discovery of this kind of super-happy summer music genre that sounds, despite mostly being new music, like it’s a few decades old. Their obsession with this music made them want to build and share playlists, but intuition taught them that for people to listen to these playlists, you need to build an experience.

There’s a range of playlists on there, and you can also keep track of the new tracks if you’re a heavy user

And what an experience it is. One that was nominated for an Apple Design Award, in fact. Downloading, experiencing, listening, and vibing to Poolsuite FM is a no-brainer. Add some joy to your day and live in your endless summer.

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